Milk protein concentrate

Milk protein concentrate powder

(MPC) contains pure milk protein. MPC powder is the product of milk protein purification by ultrafiltration method.
After separation, the milk protein is dried by spray drying. It is then packaged as milk protein powder. Milk protein powder is also produced with different percentages of protein. Milk protein is available in different packages and weights. Amin Tejarat Barsad Company is ready to provide services in the field of buying and selling mpc powder.

Viscosity booster

The use of milk protein powder due to the strong protein composition and dry matter enhancer of the food product

Tissue improver in dairy products

Use of milk protein powder to improve texture in dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, cream and cream cheese

Nutritional supplements

MPC powder with a protein content of 42 to 50% is usually used to make cheese, yogurt and soups. MPC powder with higher protein (70% and above) is used for beverages, therapeutic foods and protein bars (for athletes).

Increasing the percentage of protein in meat products

Increase the protein content of meat products such as burgers, sausages and sausages with milk protein

Substitution of sodium caseinate

Westland Milk Protein Powder Substitutes Sodium Caseinate in Meat Products for a Smooth, Smooth Product Texture

Increases nutritional value

MPC powder increases the nutritional value and strengthens the immune system

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