Whey powder

Whey Powder

Whey protein concentrate (wpc) powder is produced by filtration method and by removing minerals and lactose from whey and contains pure milk protein and has a suitable color and aroma. It is possible to produce goods with different protein percentages. This product has high solubility, gel formation, emulsifying properties, and foam formation.
wpc Whey Protein Concentrate, which has many applications in the food industry.
This product is offered in different packages and weights.

Enrich products with protein

Improving the nutritional value of food products and enriching products with protein


Application of wpc whey protein concentrate in the production of pasta, condiments, puddings, ice cream and cheese

Increase product protein

Application in the production of meat products to increase product protein as well as Binder

Baking industry

Application in baking industry to improve the color of bread surface and reduce bread staleness

Increase nutritional value

Increased nutritional value due to the presence of the amino acid lysine, lotion, isolation and valine as a dietary supplement


Used in the production of yogurt and cheese to increase dry matter and prevent dehydration

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