Lactose powder

Lactose is less sweet than fructose and galactose, so it can be used as a good alternative to sugar-free or low-sugar diet products.

Lactose is obtained as monohydrate (juicy) and anhydrous (dry) with different meshes of 80, 100 and 200 and depending on the type of product, different types are used in different industries.

Used in food products to improve flavor and filler.

It is also used as a filler in dry milk and bodybuilding supplements and baby food.

Used in the pharmaceutical industry as a coating and filler for tablets.

Dietary products are also used because of their lower sweetness than fructose and galactose.

It is used in the production of dairy products and chocolate to improve the color and taste as a substitute for dry milk.

Lactose is an important caloric factor that helps maintain a balance of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It is essential for bone growth.

Lactose powder is often used in medicines, in some people its consumption may cause discomfort due to the inability to break down lactose (lack of lactase – the enzyme needed to break it down).
Protein isolated from whey is a form of liquid lactose for infant formula, sports supplements and other foods in foods, including soups.

Powder products

Lactose powderپودر آب پنیرپودر لاکتوزشیرخشکشیرخشک ارزان

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