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One of the most important parameters of production and consumption in the industry is to increase the shelf life of products, for this purpose, several additives are used. Many chemical additives are used in the preparation of most food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic products, but the important point is the amount of compounds and additives that are consumed and is extremely important in the quality of the product, which is why sometimes two Products that appear to be made from similar ingredients have very different qualities. In this study, dairy additives were investigated. Chemical additives and antimicrobial preservatives are used to prepare food products in food industry factories. Among the properties of antimicrobial preservatives, in addition to providing safety, we can mention the longer shelf life of food and the reduction of waste. Safety refers to longer shelf life of food and reduction of waste. These additives include sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. The effect of benzoate can be observed in acidic conditions with a pH less than 6.3 and the effect of sorbate in alkaline conditions can be observed. . These preservatives have the ability to inactivate fungi.


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