Antibiotic detection kits in milk

In the dairy industry in general, milk is exposed to a lot of chemical contaminants. These contaminants enter the milk through various methods such as animal treatment, food types, milking environment and production process, so it is necessary to minimize the risk of milk contamination with careful control. Chemical contaminants in milk include antibiotics, hormones, disinfectants, nitrites, nitrates and nitrosamines, insecticides, fungal toxins, toxic metals, dioxins, and more. Antibiotics are the products of the secondary metabolism of microorganisms that have the ability to kill bacteria and prevent them from growing. Antibiotics are used to control systemic and localized diseases in livestock. Controlling mastitis is the most common use of antibiotics. Fat-soluble antibiotics stay in the breast longer than water-soluble antibiotics. Because ranchers use antibiotics to treat microbial diseases created between their herds, these drugs enter throughout the animal’s body, including raw milk. Each antibiotic after entering the body, needs a certain amount of time to decompose and excrete from the animal body.


Antibiotic kitکیت آنتی بیوتیک

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