Coconut powder

Coconut powder, also known as coconut flour, is one of the best gluten-free flours replacing wheat flour and is a by-product of coconut milk made using dried coconut meat. Coconut powder is white, has a mild taste and sweet taste.

Coconut powder, due to its high amounts of nutrients, helps lower blood sugar and improve digestion, is good for heart health, and helps to lose weight.
Coconut powder, with its lovely and popular taste, is used in the preparation and decoration of many sweets, chocolates and desserts. Coconut powder is one of the nuts that should be included in people’s diets. Coconut is rich in fiber, copper, manganese and iron and helps improve heart function, brain and anemia. One of the main uses of coconut powder is to decorate halva, yellow flakes, Muscat and other popular Iranian desserts.

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Coconut powderپودر نارگیلنارگیل

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